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        Welcome to Some More Design.

        We believe in doing better choices every single day for the planet as well as we do for ourselves, and we are committed to protect our planet. Fibers that come from nature are perfect just the way they are.

        Some More Design had been founded by 2 women during pandemic which was a very unique time for everybody. We stayed at home weeks over weeks and the way of living our lives changed in different ways for each of us. We found ourselves spending more time at home and re-evaluating who we're, what we really need and what do we expect from life.

        We also realized that we need a more healthy and comfortable wardrobe as well as chic at the same time ,for the most precious times that we spent with ourselves and our loved ones at the safety of our homes.

        So we went on a hunt for nature sourced, comfortable, sustainable clothes which are affordable at the same time. By discovering of the nearly-miraculous properties of Turkish cotton - one of the softest in the world - and bamboo viscose , we knew our search for the perfect fabric is over.

        And our journey to healthy loungewear and pajamas had started.

        What makes those fabrics so special ? They're breathable,hypoallergenic, moisture absorbing and temperature regulating that keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They're lightweight, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, and yet feels luxuriously soft and comforting to even the most sensitive skin.
        Fibers that come from nature are perfect just the way they are.

        Cotton and Viscose are two nature sourced materials. These materials come from plants that can be replaced, raised and regrown over time.

        Natural fabrics are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly once they have reached the end of their useful life or can be readily recycled and reused.

        We go to great length to keep our products clean and toxin free with OEKE-TEX certification.
        Sustainably and ethically made in Europe. Featuring a glamorous and comfortable collection sourced from natural, sustainable fabrics.

        Better for you and the planet !